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A growing body of epidemiological evidence suggests that the practice of “transactional sex” may contribute to this disparity.Over the last 15 years, the social sciences have contributed significantly to understanding the meaning of and motivations for this practice.The findings from these studies are rich, but varied, rendering lessons difficult to navigate for intervention and further research.We therefore contribute a historically-grounded, comprehensive literature review on the nature and motivations for women's participation in transactional sex in sub-Saharan Africa.Drawing from over 300 studies (through 2014), we distill three prominent paradigms observed in the literature that we review toward presenting a unified conceptualization of the practice.“Sex for basic needs,” the first paradigm, positions women as victims in transactional sexual relationships, with implications for interventions that protect girls from exploitation.Male sex workers may identify themselves as homosexual, heterosexual or transsexual yet regardless of their personal sexual identity, they frequently engage in varioussexual acts depending on their clients.

This hard-hitting youth drama puts the spotlight on the ups and downs of love, sex, relationships, pregnancy and difficult choices that teens have to make.While the profession is fraught with risks, many MSWs interviewed also spoke to the positive impacts their work has had for them including an increased sense of independence from the money they earn,boosted self-esteem, ability to set their own working hours, developed social networks and the possibility to understand their own sexuality.Particularly important are the report’s revelations concerning the pressures that male sex workers face to hide their existence and the inability for them to get adequate help and sexual education.The new season includes a focus on issues affecting young women, with a particular emphasis on their vulnerability to unintended pregnancy and HIV infection.Never one to shy away from difficult subjects, MTV Shuga features interweaving stories of heartbreak, love, betrayal and difficult life decisions.

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Exceptions exist, but many health care professionals in these countries treat male sex workers as pariahs.

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