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Kathryn Bryson, a 55-year-old grandmother, was on prostitute patrol the other night in her Flushing, Queens, neighborhood.So were 30 of her neighbors, including some who were barely out of their teens and others living on Social Security.On Patrol for Neighborhood They have paused near prostitutes waiting at curbside for customers and have made a show of gawking at the women.They have dogged the heels of those women sauntering up and down the sidewalk.

"Even when we're not walking, I don't see as many of them around," said Mr.

And we go our own ways." That's when the man identifies himself as FOX 6 Investigator Bryan Polcyn.

Evidence of the problem -- spent needles and used condoms -- is strewn about the curbs and alleys around the church. "Why aren't they taking action and addressing this problem? But they don't f*** with us heavy like that." Last month, Milwaukee Police say District 2 officers did arrest 42 prostitutes and 26 of their customers, commonly referred to as 'Johns.' But police did not seek criminal charges against any of them. "An effort I'm calling Operation Dear John," Donovan said.

Prostitutes once considered criminals are now seen by the criminal justice system as victims of what some call modern-day slavery.

"So how does this work, 'cause I've never done this before? "Wisconsin is perceived as a place, perhaps, where you can get away with it," said James Santelle, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, which is aggressively pursuing those who traffick women.

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MILWAUKEE— They call them 'ladies of the night,' but in one Milwaukee neighborhood, prostitutes are doing business in broad daylight. "For the last couple of years, you know, it's just gotten terrible," said Joel Jaeger, Pastor of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church.

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