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One way to accomplish this is to create two pages: and would then display the products in the category ID category.(See Passing Parameters from One Page to Another for a class to help streamline the code needed to pass parameters from one page to another via the querystring.) To use a querystring value to filter results, simply choose the Query String option from the "Parameter source" drop-down list.Specifically, the instances vary depending on how the parameter value is obtained, we'll examine the resulting Sql Data Source markup in detail in each example.If you are wizard-averse, you can always specify the parameterized query and are properties designed for filtering the results returned by the database.We'll see how to specify different types of parameter values in a bit.If you use the "Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure" option you can either type in a SQL query by hand or pick a stored procedure from a drop-down list.However, there are times when would want to use the In both the "Specify columns from a table or view" and "Specify a custom SQL statement or stored procedure" options, when specifying the parameter value you are asked to choose the "Parameter source" with a drop-down list containing the following choices: To specify a hard-coded value, select the None option and then, in the value textbox, enter the hard-coded value.Once you have specified the parameter value and complete the wizard, the Sql Data Source control's declarative markup will look like: parameter specifies the data type of the parameter value.

Results are filtered in a SQL statement using the evaluates to True.

In the next screen (the one shown above) you will see the parameters for the stored procedure and be able to define how their values are obtained.

Regardless of what approach you use, once you specify the parameter values and complete the Sql Data Source wizard, the Sql Data Source will have updated its properties.

This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. However, in Part 2 we only looked at how to retrieve all of the records from a table, view, stored procedure, or ad-hoc SQL query.

Often, we only want to retrieve a subset of data based on various criteria.

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